Writing in the Sand

Age Groups: Infant, Toddler, Preschool
Topics: At Home, Out and About

You will need:

Sand – or a sunny beach
A stick or index finger


Use a stick to make marks in the sand – vertical and horizontal lines, circles and crosses are good to start with.

Encourage your child to copy you then ask him/her to make marks for you to copy.
Talk about the marks and letters you make and the movements you do to make them. “I’m starting here, then going down, then stop”. “I’m starting here then going round and round and round”. “I’m going to make M for Mummy”


This helps your child develop skills and confidence in forming and connecting the curves, vertical, horizontal and zig-zag lines that form the bias of letter shapes.

Starting big then gradually working down to smaller develops as your child’s hand and eye co-ordination skills and manual dexterity skills mature and integrate.

As your child associates the language of the mark or letter shape with the action of forming these, he/she will be getting kinesthetic feedback which is essential for any motor action.

Kinesthesia is the knowledge of where each body part is and direction in which it is moving.

It is an important component of motor control for legible handwriting.