Help me to do it myself

Play & Learning at Home

Building and valuing our parental partnerships is extremely important to us here at Smart Teenies Nursery. Our partnerships do not just stop at the doors, we offer parents lots of exciting ideas, advice and suggestions on ways to help their child reach their true potential.

Help me to do it myself

Our vision at Smart Teenies has been inspired by Maria Montessori “HELP ME TO DO IT MYSELF”.

This includes children, parents and staff. We at Smart Teenies want to ensure that we provide the right environment, the correct tools and a solid vision so that al that attend or work here can learn all they need for their futures and develop the right skills to work and support the children and parents of Smart Teenies.

“What can you do to help us help your child”?

One of the best ways to learn is to experience the doing, children often watch and imitate what they see in everyday life and learn how to do a task just by watching you! So at Smart Teenies our vision is just that, we are teaching the children to do it by themselves.