Toddlers & Pre - schoolers

Smart Teenies Nursery, New Haddo Community Centre, 29 Tarves Way, Greenwich SE10 9JU

Butterflies  2 Years 6 Months – 5 Years

Talking, investigating and learning our well designed Butterfly room environment and resources help our children to develop in all areas of learning. Our carefully chosen play equipment has been provided to stimulate your child’s natural curiosity, exploration, play and imagination. Butterflys is a time when your child will flourish and be prepared for their time in primary school. Our daily routine is filled with various fun and educational activities to peak their interests and promote a child’s independence, decision-making and problem solving.

In Butterfly Room your children will be offered and allowed to engage in exciting and challenging activities, which support and extend their learning and development. They need to have a full and stimulating environment to encourage a range of play, exploration and talk. They need to be able to choose, create, investigate, explore, initiate and persist with activities.

Stories at Smart Teenies

The staff and management team are really friendly and helpful. When I had concerns about my child's development they gave the support needed and my child's confidence grew


They environment is very clean. The nursery is in a nice area, easy to get too and close to local parks. My daughter having hip and ligament problems found it hard to walk to far and stand for to long, all the staff at the nursery was very helpful with my daughters need


My son attends this nursery I'm so glad with the choice I made he has attended this nursery since he was 10 months old he is very happy there and has a great bond with the staff